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Carlow College

Carlow College or St Patrick's as it is known locally, is one of Ireland's oldest educational institutions.

From 1793 to 1892, it educated both lay people and those studying for the priesthood. From 1892 up to 1989, the college was operating principally as a seminary for the priesthood. In the 1990s, it reclaimed its primary role as a college of the Humanities for lay people. Currently (as of 2006), there is an approximate student body of 700 students, full and part-time, taking degrees in the Humanities (in all fields of Philosophy, Theology and the Liberal Arts) and in the fields of Social Care, however this number is likely to increase in the forthcoming years as the college has built a fine reputation of being a 'home away from home,' as the college has a unique, community-orientated ethos.

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